30 Julho 2008

No post anterior (Os exames de acesso às Universidades americanas) mostrava quem fazia, como e exemplos de testes de acesso às Universidades nos EUA, a fim de se poder comparar com os exames de acesso em Portugal.

Certamente, e independentemente da dificuldade dos testes, puderam constatar que se trata de testes de resposta múltipla e que são efectuados por organismos independentes das escolas, universidades e Estado.

Mas o acesso dos alunos à Universidades e cursos não é efectuado só pelas notas dos exames de acesso com a média dos anos do secundário.

Vou mostrar, tendo como base as 3 primeiras Universidades do ranking, como se é admitido em cada uma dessas Universidades:

- Harvard University

"There is no formula for gaining admission to Harvard. Academic accomplishment in high school is important, but the Admissions Committee also considers many other criteria, such as community involvement, leadership and distinction in extracurricular activities, and work experience. The Admissions Committee does not use quotas of any kind. We rely on teachers, counselors, headmasters, and alumni/ae to share information with us about applicants' strength of character, their ability to overcome adversity, and other personal qualities--all of which play a part in the Admissions Committee's decisions."


- Stanford University

"We know that no two applicants in our pool are exactly the same, so we take great care to ensure that we read your application “in context.” The information you provide about yourself on the Stanford Supplement to the Common Application assists us in interpreting and evaluating your transcript, scores, essays, and teacher recommendations.
Further, we know that each individual application demonstrates unique and diverse characteristics, including race, gender, your family’s socio-economic background, geography, age, religion, sexual orientation, and more. The information you provide us on the Common Application describes many of these factors, all of which we weave together with your academic information, achievements, recommendations, and essays to interpret and evaluate your application."


- University of California, Berkeley

"You may already know that Berkeley is a highly selective public university.  But did you know that every freshman application to Berkeley is read individually in our comprehensive review process?  That's because we're looking for students who can add to the extraordinary educational atmosphere at Berkeley; we're not just looking at the numbers.  Yes, high grades and test scores are important factors in our admission decisions, but we also like to see students apply who have challenged themselves in their coursework and activities—students who clearly like to learn and are eager to contribute!"


Como podem constatar grandes diferenças em relação a Portugal.


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